After being assaulted with a long list of allergies and eczema in 2010, I didn't know WHICH products I could use... I had a list from the doctor for a lot of things, but companies began changing their formulas (without warning) and then I discovered "hidden ingredients"... sigh.

Years later, I finally have all of the products I need and along the way have found some gems that I've really been able to rely on.

I'm giving that trusted roster of products to you! 

Plus, I threw in most of my every day essentials ;-)

Instead of spending hours searching the internet or trekking out to who-knows-how-many stores, you'll get:

  • tons of awesome product suggestions (with photos)
  • product reviews
  • links to purchase everything online 
  • 10% off all VMV Hypoallergenics products
  • 20% off all Brevena Products plus free shipping