Our Wedding

I am SO excited to show you guys our wedding photos!!

The sky was full of  giant puffy clouds, there was a soft but steady breeze blowing through the trees, and warm sun on our backs. It was a day full of fresh air, new beginnings, love and celebration. It was PERFECT :-)

Now you can finally see why I've been sooo busy  and unable to blog these past 8 months! We did a DIY wedding and went with an outdoor rustic bohemian style. We wanted it to feel relaxed, intimate and heartfelt. Judging by the tears in people's eyes, I think we did just that!

Our wedding was a small standing ceremony in a forest clearing with Matt's brother officiating...

He got ordained online just for us! He was funny :-) And it meant SO much to have his own brother marry us... somebody who we know and love and we will share those memories with him forever!

My bridesmaids and I walked down the aisle to Pachelbel's Canon played on classical guitar by Matt's amazing guitar student... it fit perfectly. It was Matt's idea, actually!

We read our vows which we wrote ourselves...

Exchanged rings...

And made it official!!!!!!

Our rings on top of my bouquet... Mine is white gold coated with rhodium to make extra sure I'm not exposed to any possible nickel. His is made out of black zirconium - very cool!

Then while everybody went to the second location for the reception, we took some photos of just us. This is one of my favorite parts of the day!

After our photo shoot, my handsome husband and I headed to the reception to relax and celebrate with our closest friends and family...

We did a few speeches...

And made sure to get a special dance in before the partying REALLY began ;-)

I'll forever cherish that day!! It was perfect :-)

I'll get into specifics as far as wedding planning in some future posts... like the whole process with the dress and being allergic to polyester... how I dealt with my food allergies during the reception and my hair and makeup! 

I may live with a crazy amount of allergies, eczema, lactose intolerance and vitamin d deficiency, but I was not about to let that stand in the way of having a beautiful and memorable wedding day. It took some creative thinking, but it was worth every second!!

Cheers to FOREVER! :-)