Skintifique: products for people with nickel allergy

So, if you follow me on Instagram, you may remember me talking about this new product line out there called Skintifique. The purpose of their most interesting product is to create a barrier between your skin and the nickel out there in the world. It sounds like a dream, right?

It took me some time, but I did some tests and… I think I’m more confused than I ever was before. After waiting and waiting for my skin to be 100% clear so I could test the product out without any complications… I just couldn’t wait anymore. Not only did I want to know if it worked for me, but the owner of the company so generously gave me a number of items and I wanted to get a review up soon.

So, I began my tests… during one, I held onto nickel plated nail clippers for long periods of time…

Another time, I put on the lotion and went about my day. Nothing happened.

I also held onto quarters...

And then nickels because they have more nickel in them than quarters do (go figure):

Again, nothing happened even after about 30 minutes. I'M SUPPOSEDLY SO ALLERGIC TO NICKEL... I was told I react like poison ivy and I've watched myself touch metal and react soon after. I don't get it!

Aside my from my skin getting slightly itchy at certain points, I saw no actual reaction in the way of redness/bumps. While I was excited, I felt like I had to do a more controlled test.

I took nickels (which are 25% nickel  these days), and strapped two groups of them to my arm... they were made in the same year and everything. I drew a line down the middle and on one side, rubbed some Skintifique nickel protectant. I placed a nickel on the Skintifique side and a nickel on the other side which had no protectant. That was my control group.

Hot, right? It's a 100% cotton sock and a rubber band for vegetables.

So, after hours of waiting I took off the sock, removed the nickels and waited.

The result? Well, first of all… the control group nickel didn’t cause any reaction on my skin! What’s that all about? I was told that I react like poison ivy… my full-of-nickel eyelash curler used to destroy my fingers… and touching doorknobs at work used to warrant my crazily scratching my palms all day long…

And then get this… I REACTED ON THE SKINTIFIQUE SIDE! But I ONLY reacted where the nickel touched my skin… I didn’t react on the square shaped area where I rubbed the lotion… My reactions were in a circular shape – ONLY under the nickel. It seemed that I was having an allergic reaction to the chemical reaction of the nickel and the lotion coming together! I mean, seriously? Wow.

I was positive that I kept track of which side had the protectant, but hey, I don't know it all and sometimes I make mistakes like we all do… so I did it again. And this time, I wrote ON my arm which side HAD it and which side DIDN'T.


You can see the top toward my wrist was the one where I didn't draw an actual line and label. Below, is the test where I wrote it on my arm. The hazy "wo" stands for "without" and the other side (which you can barely see) says "w" for "with". See the round nickel-sized areas on the "with" side? The top one has had longer to become irritated at that point in the photo, which is why it's easier to see the bumps on that one than it is with the one below it. (I also have other random irritations that were there to begin with.

So...I wasn’t crazy. Or forgetful.  But I am perplexed. I accept the fact that my skin reacts to a chemical reaction…. BUT WHY DIDN’T I REACT TO THE NICKELS? I even tested them and yes they had nickel in them. Is my allergy giving me a break? Perhaps it’s going away? Maybe I don't react as quickly as I thought? With some allergens, I have to be exposed for a while before a reaction will occur.

I think I need to do another round of contact allergen testing after I get married this summer. There’s enough going on right now that I don’t want to add doctors to the mix (if I can get away with it), but I intend to figure this out…

In the meantime, you must check out Skintifique. It might work for you! I've actually done video chats with the owner (who lives in Paris) and she's told me that they have an 80% percent success rate. They've distributed it to people and asked for reviews themselves and it's now also being fed through doctors offices and people are doing well with the product. She and her husband own the company together and they are both chemists, so they're very well schooled in creating products like this. I can tell that she's a very genuine person and really cares about being able to help others gain some relief from uncomfortable and painful skin allergies. With an 80% success rate, it's definitely worth a shot!

I asked the owner, Elizabeth, if she's ever seen anybody else have a reaction like mine... one where they react to a chemical reaction between nickel and the cream. She said no. Somehow, I wasn't surprised. That's kinda just how my skin goes - it likes to throw curve balls! It definitely gave her something to think about, though. 

ALSO, I tried all of their other products and had no allergic reactions at all. They were all great! She included in the package:

The hand gel is amaaaaazing. It’s a moisturizer and is getting rave reviews in our household. My skin can get dry, but my fiance's gets incredibly insanely dry in the winter. It had his skin in great shape even a couple days later after using it for just one night. He LOVES it.

A big thanks to the people at Skintifique for letting me try their products and allowing an honest review to be posted!

You guys rock.