It's Eczema Awareness Month!

Here in the United States, October is Eczema Awareness Month!!

When I first began publishing eczema stories from all of you awesome readers, it was actually in honor of Eczema Awareness Month :-)

I believe in all of us sharing our stories because we can learn a LOT from each other and the struggle can be REALLY TOUGH. Hearing all of your stories has been so amazing. You've shared SO much - from your struggles to solutions. No matter how short or long the story, they are ALL helpful whether it's helping the person expressing their feelings, another person who reads the story or both!

Here are the first 6 eczema stories that were ever posted on The Allergista :-)

Chapter 1 - Going Out Can Get Complicated

Chapter 2 - First Came Eczema, Next Came a Whole Host of Problems

Chapter 3 - Eczema Began At 4 And Is Now At Its Worst Ever

Chapter 4 - Could It Be The Potatoes?

Chapter 5 - Organic Oil Was Our Answer

Chapter 6 - When Eczema Makes You Look Like a Burn Victim

I'll serve up 6 more to you next week. THANK YOU to everybody who has taken the time to send in a story and so bravely opened yourself up to sharing very personal parts of yourself. You're amazing!

In honor of Eczema Awareness Month, consider sharing YOUR story!

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