Blogging, Getting Married and Trying Not To Lose My Mind

Hey guys!!

WOW, it's been nearly a month since I've blogged... that rarely happens! I've been getting emails from you guys and I just want you to know that I haven't forgotten about you, I promise!

There are a few things going on that are making it hard to blog right now:

  1. I'm getting married this summer (eeeeeeeee!!!)
  2. After moving the blog from Wordpress to Squarespace... I've found out that self-hosted Wordpress is really where I should be. 
  3. My new job includes a commute that has me out of the house for 12 hours a day. I can blog on public transpo on my way to work, but I have to buy a hotspot for my phone. Guess when the wrong time to buy anything is! When you're about to get married!


Between all of my wedding tasks, the daunting project of moving the website to another platform and being out of the house 12 hours a day for work... I just can't invest a whole lot of time in writing blog posts... not if I want to stay sane and avoid looking like a trainwreck at out wedding.

I'm kinda sad about it! I'm not going on hiatus completely, though! I AM, however, still active on social media, so make sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

As far as wedding planning goes... I ACTUALLY FOUND A DRESS NOT MADE OF SYNTHETICS!!! And it looks very much like what I was going for :-) It's made of silk.

I couldn't resist trying on some other dresses and of course... they all had polyester. Most wedding dresses do! I actually had a woman be very short with me and pretty much rushed me off the phone after she said, "Every single one of our wedding dresses here at David's Bridal has polyester.". It was the first place I called and was pretty excited (I even told her that), but she didn't think twice before crushing my dreams.

Pretty much all wedding dresses have a polyester lining, but that can be fixed. Polyester elsewhere on the dress, though? Not so easy. She didn't even think about "hey, maybe we have a silk dress or another dress that only has polyester in the lining". Luckily the second place I called was MORE than happy to help :-) And guess who got my business?? NOT David's Bridal.

Of course... there was a price for me to pay for trying on dresses with polyester:

That was a month ago. I try not to use my steroid ointment, but I did in this case. I really didn't want it to spread or take a long time to heal. Pre-wedding time is NOT when I need to be dealing with stuff like that. The reaction is gone now, thankfully.

Makeup will be a challenge, but luckily a client friend of mine is a professional makeup artist and she's well aware of my challenges. I reeeeeeally want to wear false eyelashes, but my skin hates adhesive. Sometimes my skin surprises me, though, so I'm going to try it on my arm first. I mean, who doesn't want eyelashes growing out of their arm, anyways? Duh.

There have been some other challenges I've come across (ha, shocking), but I'll write about those in the upcoming posts!!