ASK THE ALLERGISTA: Nickel-free Razors


Im also allergic to nickel. And when I shave omg what itch and very bad rash. My skin gets raw, red and then infected. Did you find any info on non nickel razors?


I've gotten a few emails lately asking this same question, so I figured it'd be a great one to answer this week.

I've seen suggestions for titanium razors and some other razors that had chemical-filled moisturizing strips which I stay away from as well. The problem with titanium is that a lot of it is an alloy and razors are known for containing nickel, so that ends up being a problem. However, I did just get a recommendation from somebody to try this razor by Body Toolz. The site says it's all stainless steel and the person who wrote me about it said they were told there's no nickel. So, what I'm going to do is order one this week and I'll test it with my nickel testing kit. I'm not gonna lie - that razor looks a little scary... but if it works, I'll quickly get over that!

Stay tuned!


The Allergista

UPDATE: This razor by Preserve finally fixed my problem!