Cobalt poisoning from metal put in my gums for new tooth

My story starts with the title, I had to have some teeth pulled and then the dentist put metal in my gums for the false teeth.....

I’m not sure how long it took, but i started to lose my memory and just laid in bed all the time... Now, I don’t know who, but every now & again, i would wake up and go to the computer to look up some symptoms and how I was acting... For I didn’t even know who my family was.... OR WHO I EVEN WAS. Luckily the GOOD LORD put me on the computer & helped me find this article about cobalt poisoning and I had every symptom of it...(Now there WASHN’T MANY ARTICLES to find)......

I went back to the dentist (who thought I was CRAZY) and told him I wanted the implant taken out right now...... he REFUSED to do it because there were SO MANY bad things that could happen taking it out...... Now, GOD helped me there again, because I DIDN’T know WHAT TO DO... and all of a sudden ... I just looked him in the face and said “.... WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO.... CALL A LAWYER????? Well, that really took him for a surprise and of course, he didn’t want that to happen, so he agreed to take it out.....

I was VERY LUCKY to have not had any problems from the removal, other than I do have ringing in the ears terrible, my memory has come back to where I can at least live my life..... I still get confused, buy am VERY LUCK TO HAVE A WONDERFUL HUSBAND AND FAMILY TO HELP AND STAND BY ME :))

I HOPE that this MIGHT HELP SOMEONE ELSE who may have cobalt poisoning and don’t realize what it is........ IT’S SOOOO SAD that the DOCTORS DON’T EVEN KNOW ABOUT THIS........... Now, it’s NOT the doctors fault, for there isn’t very much articles on this... I was LUCKY and now, I PRAY for the poor people who the doctors say have dementia, because they both have the SAME SYMPTOMS.

I still am not back to who I was before.
— Anonymous

WOW. How scary this must have been for you! I’m so proud of you for being brave enough to risk taking out the implant… that was a huge decision to make and it really ended up paying off. Having a doctor telling you “no” and knowing there are possible complications is a big risk to take, but when it comes to the state of your mind… I agree that it’s worth it. I am SO glad it paid off for you. I’m sure this was a learning experience for the doctor too!

It makes sense that having an allergen living in your body can manifest in a lot of ways, including making its way to your brain. This makes me think of all the women who have had similarly terrible complications from the Essure implant. In this case, it’s nickel and not cobalt (from what I’ve heard), but it has ruined a LOT of lives.

Thank you SO much for sharing your story. This is extremely important information to share and I hope it helps somebody else!