Essure Issues

At the age of 31(2010) I visited my ob/gyn to to get my paraguard IUD removed, (10 year birth control). I was happy with the IUD and actually went in order to have a new one placed. That’s when my doctor started talking about how wonderful Essure was and how it’s a fairly new form of birth control that is permanent, and a great alternative to having a tubal. I was told it’s done in the office, takes about 15 minutes and is very safe and just as effective as other forms of birth control.

The only other information I was given was that after 3 months I would have to visit the local hospital to have a dye xray to ensure nothing was getting through my tubes, and after that, no worries. In hindsight I did have a nagging feeling that something was off, but like so any others, I trusted my doctor to know best. I booked the procedure and showed up at his office that morning, I was taken back to undress, and given a mild sedative pill to help me relax, after about 30 minutes, I was taken to another room and laid on the table, my doctor came in and set up, by then I was groggy and uncaring, that’s when he had several (4 I think) colleagues come in that were going to stand in on the procedure. Again, it didn’t bother me at the time, but later it didn’t sit well with me that I wasn’t asked while I was lucid.

The procedure was very uncomfortable and the pressure was intense. I left the office in a stupor, and had light spotting and bleeding for 3 days afterwards. Fast forward 3 months I go to have the dye xray, and this was worse than the initial procedure for me, the” balloon “the girl used apparently was defective, the pain and pressure had me lift off the table and whimper in pain ( and I have had a lot of physical pain in my life). She apologized and tried again, this time it was unpleasant, but not unbearable like before. I was told the procedure worked and I was good to go. It took 2 years for me to start noticing strange side effects (2012). And at first they were brushed off and I dealt with it the best I could, with ibuprofen.

About 2 years ago from today (2015) I saw what I had hoped wouldn’t happen on t.v. Lawyers firms saying women were having to file suits because of Essure birth control implants. I started researching stories and after several surreal hours, I just broke down and cried. These other women were having the same issues I had been chalking up to age and hormones. EVERY LAST SIDE EFFECT!

I have had terrible stomach bloating, hair loss, extremely painful periods, digestive issues, mystery rashes, weight gain, terrible headaches almost daily, migraines on a monthly or bi monthly basis. Had a tooth fracture, extreme fatigue, and depression. I was online reading other women’s stories and I just got so angry . I learned we couldn’t even sue Bayer because the FDA has backed them against lawsuits, and that Doctors were receiving sizable kick backs to push this device on their patients. I felt sick to my stomach that this injustice is happening in the United States.

After years, the only developments have been a black box warning on the box, which doctors don’t even have to mention if they’re not inclined, and other countries banning the device. But no ban here in the states. After 2 +years us ladies are still fighting. A lot of them worse than my story, some have had miscarriages, perforation of the device, and even carried babies to term and delivered. At very high personal risk. It’s heart wrenching that money is taking top priority over our health and well being. No long terms studies were done before essure hit the public market. And they’ve made us all feel as if we’re crazy and putting blame on them unfairly.

On that note, my implanting doctor’s office, acted as if they were dealing with scum when I requested my medical records. We will all continue to fight until this awful device is no longer available anywhere. It’s a sad day when women rejoice getting a hysterectomy, but it’s the sad reality that it happens every day. I myself do not have insurance at the moment, but am taking steps to save up to have my day that this problem causing device is taken out. Thanks for letting me share story.
— Sincerely, Hendi Ausburn

First of all, Hendi, I wish I could wrap my arms around you and give you a big hug. What you've been subjected to is beyond inexcusable and I am so sorry that you have had to deal with this extreme amount of emotional and physical pain. Essure is becoming a real problem (to put it mildly) and the stories I've read have been horrific. 

Thank you for the tidbit about doctors not having to warn people about black box labels... I mean, pardon my french, but WTF? How is that helping us? These doctors are supposedly working in our best interests? Please. I agree that it's beyond messed up how money has become the priority. Doctors take a Hippocratic oath vowing to conduct themselves properly. 

The way Essure is being handled is disgraceful.

Also, the fact that you have to save up money to fix other people's mistakes is just not right. It isn't. This healthcare system needs to do more for us. Please consider starting a GoFundMe account to help you save up. I'd be happy to share the link! Nobody should have to wait in the state you're in to get help.

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Hendi, and please share your experience with us after getting Essure removed!