Product Review: Organic Cotton Briefs from The Eczema Company



I never really saw myself doing a product review on underwear but it makes a lot of sense, actually. My polyester allergy can make it difficult to find under-things. Many people with sensitive skin have to deal with the scratchy and irritating elastic in underwear and the last place we need to deal with raw, effected skin is on our lady parts, am I right?!

The Eczema Company has been adding clothing to their online shop lately. From socks to mittens to sleepwear and hats, they're really stepping it up! The Eczema Company is one of my favorite affiliates and when they reached out with some socks and underwear to try, I was happy to do so! You can check out my review on the socks right over here.

These 100% organic cotton briefs have some unique features such as...

A super soft label:


And covered elastic:


There are some other great features too! Learn more and hear my thoughts:

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