Swollen Eyelid and Red Eyes

"Long story short, I have always had sensitive eyes and eyelids and noticed years ago that my eyelids would swell up when I used nailpolish with formaldehyde in it so discontinued it's use. Fast forward to a year ago, when only my right eyelid would swell up, cause unknown. (Stress triggers it greatly) (I know weird, only one, right?) I have been to 5 eye doctors, one specialist who specializes in thyroid and eyelids, one endocrinologist and a holistic doctor. The holistic doctor said that it is due to yeast, which I agree, it does flare up when I drink beer or eat yeasty things, but think that is only part of it. The specialist did finally do a dry eye test and the result showed that my eyes were very dry, especially my right. I have been avoiding eye drops with propylene glycol in them but it still isn't helping my dry eyes and swelling of eyelid. Right after putting the drops in, or shortly after, I feel like they are still dry. So, I read Jennifer's suggestion regarding the drops "Rohto". I ran out and bought a bottle last night and have been using them since. My eyes look sooooo much better!! I love you Jennifer. Thank you. (If anyone has any suggestions as to why only one eyelid swells up, please give me your input.. Another friend who does muscle testing said that it is my meridien on the right side that is affected."


When this landed in my e-mail, I was beaming! Eye problems are ROUGH, no matter which way you slice it, and I'm so happy I helped you find the right product for your eyes! I love Rohto drops because they always leave my eyes feeling moisturized, fresh and minty (LOL!). I never knew I liked my eyes to feel fresh and minty until Rohto...

I wonder... do any of the eye products you were using share an ingredient that doesn't exist in Rohto eye drops? I'd definitely take a look at that. As far as only one eye swelling... I've noticed that my body sometimes reacts differently, depending on which side it is. For example... I've had my ears pierced for a really long time now. But for some reason, the piercing in my right ear is ALWAYS the sensitive one. I've never understood why that is, exactly... The meridian thing you mentioned is interesting (I gave it a quick Google). And it's is definitely an interesting question for the readers:

Have you ever had one side of your body react differently than the other? If so, do you know exactly why? Post up in the comments!