Eucerin Cream Healed My Eczema

"Back in the late 1960's or early 1970's, I was suffering from eczema on my forearms. At home in New York, I had been prescribed cortisone-like, I believe, creams to heal the condition. The creams were quite expensive and I met with limited success. Happily, I went to a dermatologist in the Boston area, where I was living at the time. He prescribed an over-the-counter product called Eucerin. He said it was an old-fashioned product which supplied moisture, and that it could be used just about anywhere, except for the eyes. It came in a large dark-blue jar, and was quite inexpensive at the time. I was incredulous at how well it worked! A single jar lasted me for years -- I then needed only an occasional dab. 

When I returned to New York State, I had trouble finding it, and had to special-order it. I think the pharmacist kind of laughed at the idea, until I probably showed the resultant healing. Over the years, I have recommended the product highly and often. One woman had a terrible condition from using the soaps or detergents in her job as a dishwasher in a large company lunchroom. I convinced her to try the product, and she was amazed! She healed so quickly, was so grateful, and she would have a beaming smile and her eyes flashed happily each time she saw me. That doctor was God-sent! 

Eucerin is now quite readily available. It usually comes in a white jar, I believe. I have bought the lotion as a regular hand-lotion, but was not as pleased. The cream still seems to do the trick for me. It is relatively non-greasy. It is a little pricey. I scoop a little out with a spoon, so as not to "contaminate" it. I do not get the one in the tube -- I just stay with the jar. I hope that this will be the blessing to all that it has been to me."


Wow, I had no idea that Eucerin has been around since 1900! I checked out the company's history on their website and it's actually pretty interesting. Thanks for sharing this story! I'm glad your doctor recommended something over the counter that actually worked. Makes life a lot easier. Personally, I love Eucerin's body cream (the one in the jar). It's one of my favorites and is in my "Favorite Products" guide (which can be downloaded here). I love the thickness of the cream and it doesn't have any strong fragrances to further irritate the skin. Tip: applying it right after your shower/bath is ideal because it helps lock in moisture. Not only that, but the thickness of the cream helps to create a thin barrier between the skin and any potential allergens or irritants. Pretty awesome! For anybody who hasn't tried this skin cream, I definitely recommend giving it a shot!