The Second Version of My Product Guide is Now Available!

Hells yeah!

Since SO many of you have downloaded my product guide, it only made sense to give it an update! I've added a bunch of new items and as you'll see, there are also links to product reviews on a bunch of them. PLUS - there are products with a discount code on them! You're welcome ;-)

Not only are there a whole bunch of awesome allergy and eczema products, but I've also included many of my daily essentials (like makeup, deodorant, etc). For some of us, just finding every day products that we can use is the most difficult part of allergies. A couple of mine (propylene glycol and sodium benzoate - you can read the entire list here) make it impossible for me to use most of the products out there. 

I've created this product guide to help YOU out, so if there's anything you'd like to see added to this guide, please post it in the comments :-)