Tips For Combating Nickel Allergy

One of my most annoying allergies is to nickel. Why? Because it can be so unpredictable! If you're going out to public places or even somebody's house, chances are you're going to come across metal that you haven't tested with your nickel testing kit. Some people without nickel allergy might think, "Oh, well just test everything - duh!" But those of us WITH nickel allergy know it's not that easy. Let's say, for example, that you're walking through a door and have to grab the handle to open it? And of course, it's made of metal. Are you really going to stand there and pull out your nickel testing kit just to walk through the door? Doesn't seem like the reasonable choice when you may never have to go through that door again and you may have people waiting behind you who need to get through said door. Who knows! Like I said, this allergy can be really unpredictable.

I've learned a lot of tips and tricks since this allergy exploded and I'm passing that knowledge onto you! Here are some of my most helpful nickel allergy blog posts:

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