My Muscle Testing Experience for Allergy Diagnosis

Holistic medicine and practices have always interested me. Conventional drugs here in the U.S. can seem pretty extreme because of the harsh side effects. I mean, who doesn't want an anti-depressant with the side effect of suicidal thoughts?

Wouldn't it be great if there was another solution? Something more natural, perhaps?

That's where holistic practitioners come into play. Their use of natural and organic substances combined with alternate ways to test for ailments sets them apart. They say that they get to the root of the problem as opposed to covering up all the symptoms with drugs.

During our years of dating before we got married, my husband did one of the sweetest things ever: he researched acupuncture and found somebody local who also treated allergies. I was THRILLED! I'd been interested in getting acupuncture for quite some time and couldn't wait to make my appointment.

I walked into the doctor's office with an open mind and ready to get down to business. I explained my situation of recently developed allergies and eczema and she couldn't have steered me away from acupuncture faster. She said that she had an alternative type of test for allergies and a way to actually get rid of them. Sounds too good to be true, right? I figured I'd give it a shot cuz why the hell not. I just wanted my health issues GONE.

The allergy testing method she was referring to is called "muscle testing" or sometimes "MRT" AKA "muscle reflex testing". This falls under the umbrella of Applied Kinesiology. 

This is how she did it: She sat me down and had me hold a glass vial with a substance (this could be soy, a chemical, whatever) in it. Then, she had me hold one of my arms straight out.

With each different substance, she'd gently push down on my arm. If my arm didn't stay strong and she was able to push my arm down... then I was diagnosed as allergic OR intolerant to whatever was in the vial.

She ended up diagnosing me with a bunch of allergies that I've never tested positive to on other tests... And as it turns out, there's not much scientific proof that this sort of thing works. Go figure. To be honest, I was a bit doubtful during all of this and I think she could tell.

Next, the curing of the allergies. 

She had me sit down and turned on a little machine which had what looked like a handheld back massager attached to a long cord. Supposedly, this machine had the ability to emit waves into my body... waves that would target one particular allergy at a time and after an unpredictable amount of office visits... would eventually cure that allergy. I was told that it could take who-knows-how-many treatments to cure me.

In the end, I felt no health benefits avoiding the new allergens she told me to avoid... and the polyester allergy I tried to have her cure is still with me 100%. I felt jipped for wasting our money on this, that's for sure. While I wish that doctor hadn't steered me away from the acupuncture experience I'd been wanting to try, I suppose I do appreciate the fact that I experienced this and can cross it off my list. My recommendation is that you save that money for an allergy test from a regular allergist!

Have you ever tried muscle testing? Thoughts?