PRODUCT REVIEW: Comfymitt Shirt


Comfymitt, I love you. You bring me peace on itchy nights! I'll be forever thankful to The Eczema Company for sending me this shirt. I can't tell you HOW many times I've woken up, only to find that I scratched my eczema into an even worse state.

I don't even know where to start with this review other than to say this Comfymitt shirt is EVERYTHING I COULD HAVE HOPED IT WOULD BE.

It's incredibly soft (seriously, so soft!), is made of 100% organic cotton and keeps you from scratching your eczema in your sleep.

And check out that rainbow thread!


You can even do karate moves in it (Bentley was unimpressed):

The first morning I woke up wearing this shirt, I was in love. The comfy level is off the charts and I REALLY didn't want to have to wake up and take it off. If I could have stayed in it forever. It was a piece of heaven. I kinda wish I was in bed wearing it right now, actually.

I much prefer this option to all the other gloves I've tried (which would inevitably slide off or get pulled off in my sleep). I've seen other shirts with fold-over mitts, but I think this design is even better because there's no way you could unfold these. They're sewn shut! You'd have to take the shirt off to get out your hands.

Overall, I give this shirt a BIG two thumbs up! In addition to being super cute and soft, it seems to be pretty high quality. The seam work is solid and the fabric is nice and thick, so I can see this shirt lasting a long time. Not only that. it allows your eczema the healing time it needs at night.

A super huge thank you to The Eczema Company for sending these my way! (This is just one of their many awesome products. Make sure to check out their blog as well! Click here to check out It's an Itchy Little World)

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