The Reason Why Annual Physicals Need To Include Allergy Testing

I didn't always have a thousand allergies (I really only have 24). I used to be one of those people who thought my body was invincible and nothing could get in my way. Even as a kid, I rarely got sick. 

Then one day, that all went to hell. Womp, womp.

My skin erupted into a giant oozy mess. The doctors didn't know what was going on and it took a LOT of doctors and a LOT of time to figure out what was causing my body to react so horribly. I went though the basic T.R.U.E. allergy patch test and tested positive to several things... I also did the allergy testing where they prick your arm with common things like mold and dust and tested positive for several things there as well. Even after avoiding all that stuff, my skin was STILL reacting to something. So, they sent me to a doctor who specializes in patch testing and has the ability test me for a much wider range of substances.


I ended up being allergic to a whole bunch of commonly used chemicals (which I hadn't been tested for on any of the other tests), metals and more. I began avoiding these allergens and my finally began making major progress.

As I grow older, I see more and more people developing allergies. Whether it's as a kid or as an older grandparent... new diagnoses are happening all the time. Allergies can also disappear on a whim... and all of this makes me wonder...

Since allergies are so common and are absolutely detrimental to our health, why isn't allergy testing part of our annual physicals?

A lot of people don't go through with allergy testing because it can get pricey... especially the patch test specialist I went to. Not to mention that my health insurance initially wouldn't let me get referred to that specialist... but my doctor and I appealed it and they made an exception for me. My doctors (primary care, dermatologist & allergist) knew that it was incredibly important for me to see this specialist... because they couldn't figure out how to help me. 

With all of the new chemicals being created every year... we're bound to be allergic to SOMEthing. Between that, the abundance of allergies and the fatality issue... the system owes it to us to provide free extensive allergy testing on a regular basis.

Not only will it save lives, but it's THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

Also keep in mind: having an undiagnosed allergy can lead your overactive and exhausted immune system toward other health issues... this could even mean developing MORE allergies. Not only that... undiagnosed allergies can be fatal!

What are your thoughts on it??