Nickel-free Medical I.D. Bracelets

(UPDATE 10-11-17: A blog reader spoke with a Lauren's Hope rep who informed her their bracelets are, in fact, NOT nickel-free. I was told by another rep that they were. Aaaahhh the struggle of allergies.)

One of my many concerns when it comes to my allergies and eczema is this:

What happens if I get in an accident,  I'm unable to communicate my allergies and the paramedics/doctors give me something I'm allergic to? If I'm teetering on the edge of life... my allergies could be the deciding factor.

Nickel allergy is VERY common. It was actually once voted as "Allergen on the Year" by the ADA. Unfortunately, nickel is found in a lot of jewelry and it usually causes painful eczema to pop up and stay on my skin for weeks. NOT fun.

Since nickel is such a common allergen, I know there must be a LOT of other people looking for nickel-free medical I.D. jewelry. I did a little bit of digging and found some AWESOME options (btw, so fun!).

Click the photos to view more:

Whether you're at the gym or going out to a nice dinner, there's something for everybody! Most of the options above are from Lauren's Hope. They do a great job at providing stylish options and have a LOT in stock. Since none of their pieces specified "nickel-free", I sent them an email. Sari kindly replied and said that EVERYTHING on their site it nickel-free! Jackpot!

For the other people out there like me who probably can't fit all of the necessary allergens on a little piece of engraved metal, there are options for you too! There are a few shown above with technology. They allow you to list all sorts of stuff! QR codes are just one of the ways paramedics can connect to your long list of allergens. Pretty freakin' cool!

Which is your favorite?

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