Toxic Fragrances: The New Secondhand Smoke

Before developing my allergies to chemicals (ammonium persulfate, dodecyl gallates, octyl gallates, sodium benzoate, benzoic acid, propylene glycol) my favorite perfume was Chance by Chanel. Such a bright yet refined scent! Those days are long gone, but I'm pleased to say that I'm actually okay with it.

 I went from using perfume every time I left the house to not using it AT ALL. Actually, I'm completely fine smelling like nothing! I mean, is it really necessary to always smell like a bucket of flowers? Nope.

Ever notice how there's no ingredient label on expensive perfumes? The fragrance industry calls this their "trade secret"... if nobody knows what's in their perfume, others likely won't be able to replicate it, right? It's a fear based decision rooted in money.

It's a decision that ends up affecting some people's health! A few dabs of something like organic lavender essential oil would be a much better option. I actually did an interview with Allergic Living magazine about my life without perfume - read that here.

A couple weeks ago, an email arrived in my inbox from Kerry, a super awesome lady who previously sent me a research paper on the link between allergies, digestion and holistic medicine (check that out here!). This time, she sent me a research paper all about the toxicity of fragrances. Not only can fragrance be harmful to our health, but it's unregulated (hence no ingredient labels) which poses a huge problem... we never know what we're really spraying on ourselves or inhaling. By coming into contact with our skin or being inhaled, these chemicals end up being absorbed into our blood... that's pretty serious.

Do your health a favor and absorb some of the very pertinent information from Kerry's paper. Your body will thank you! Click the button below to download the five page PDF directly to your device:

If you'd like to make a difference and spread the word about this issue, head on over to the campaigns run by Cleaner Indoor Air. They've got free downloadable posters, pamphlets and letters you can send to hospitals and businesses to educate them on why they should go fragrance-free. Click here to check out their free materials!