How to Prep Your Home for Spring Allergy Season

For the first time in FOREVER, it finally hit 70 degrees in Chicagoland this week! Woohoo! 

While this is fabulous news, it is also the signal of Spring. Spring means that seasonal allergens are about to punch me in the face. I'm allergic to tree pollen, ragweed, common weed and mold, so it's a doozy.

As winter comes to a close, there's always a bit more dust in our house than usual. Natural sunlight kills dust and there's nothing like a good breeze flowing through the house and sweeping the dust right out of the windows... both of these are things we don't get lots of in the winter!

Before spring officially sets in, it's a good idea to get rid of any extra dust. Who needs to be dealing with a dust mite allergy at the same time as seasonal allergies? Not me There are also a few things you can do to help you get your home ready for the upcoming spring allergy season ;-)

Here are some tips to help you get your home in a more allergy-friendly state:


Bust the dust from all surfaces

When I do a deep clean, I like to have the windows open so the extra dust can get out of there easily. Now that winter is ending, open up those windows and get to dusting!

Make sure to move your furniture and clean underneath to get those sneaky dust bunnies (little jerks!). Dust from the top of the room to the bottom because it's waaay more efficient. Use a slightly moist cloth to dust surfaces. This makes the dust stick to the cloth even better than dry Swiffer-like products. It's also a good idea to pick up an allergy-friendly vacuum as well. Here's a list!


Pound the dust out of those couch cushions

If you've never done this before, omg, go do it right now. The amount of dust that lives in our cushions is pretty disturbing. Make sure you do this outside and away from any open windows!


Change out your air filters

It's time to swap out those dirty filters! I'm not just talking about the filters in your portable room air purifiers, but also your central air system. HEPA filters are the way to go. They're made specifically to keep allergens out. Here's what we use at our house!


Put air filters in your windows

Sounds weird, right? But it's a real thing and it works! Even though opening up the windows to get rid of dust is great, it presents another problem: outdoor allergens coming IN. That's exactly what this SafeGuard filter prevents! It's been proven to keep out 96% of ragweed, which I'm allergic to.


Wash your curtains

I know, this sounds like a pain, right? But fabric is a major dust magnet. If they're too delicate for the washing machine, send your curtains to the dry cleaner. If you don't want to do either of those things, at LEAST take them outside and give them a good ol' fashioned shake. Or hang them over the railing of your porch and whack it with a clean broom.


Invest in a good door mat

Allergens CAN get tracked into the house via the bottom of our shoes, so make people wipe their feet or even better - leave their shoes at the door!


One final tip: If you're on the hunt for some great allergy products, download the handy dandy guide of all my favorites!

(It also includes all my daily essentials!)