Product Review: Mini Spa Day with Earth Science

We could all use a spa day, right? We can never have enough of those.

Whether it's time or money that keeps you from the spa... there IS another way to get the same sort of feeling: a mini spa day at home!

Last Sunday, I reserved a good chunk of the day for relaxing and indulging in the bundle of products sent to me by Earth Science (THANKS, GUYS!). It actually came with this impressively adorable card!

Nice, right?! Isn't Kristen awesome? It really put a smile on my face :-)

She sent me EVERYTHING I need to give my face and hair a healthy dose of moisture. I was really looking forward to this because I've used Earth Science's multi-therapy ceramide lotion in the past and loved it (check that out here).

I started my mini spa day with Chamomile & Green Tea Eye Makeup remover:

It's actually been a while since I've used eye makeup remover. When my allergies developed, I slashed the amount of products I was using by a LOT. Eye makeup remover didn't make the cut, but I am SO happy to have it back in my life! This one has worked out great. As far as scent goes, it smells like nothing (perfect) and I was surprised to see that it's a slightly runny gel. I'm used to removers that are more oil-based, but this is great. It goes on smoother than an oil which is nice on such a sensitive area of our faces.

Here's what it looks like up close:

Next was the Olive & Avocado Hair Masque :-D

This Olive & Avocado Hair Masque is one of the products I was THE MOST excited about. I love love love keeping my hair hydrated... it really makes the HUGEST difference, I promise. I condition every single time I wash, am careful not to wash my hair too often (which dries it out), I've never colored my hair and I don't overdo it with hot styling tools.

Adding in a hair mask is yet another way to step up your hair game. This one is VERY creamy and smooth:

I LOVED this stuff. It makes me wish I tried hair masques sooner! My hair was nice and silky afterward :-)

After I got out of the shower, I braided my hair and got dressed. Then, it was time for the next part of my mini spa day at home...

The Hyaluronic Acid Serum:

Isn't the bottle such a beautiful color? On the box, it says: "nature's miracle moisture binder in its purest and most potent form".  I'd never heard of such a thing, so I took a look on its product page and found this: "Hyaluronic acid is an essential element in human skin. Because it can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water, it aids hydration and actually plumps up skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, making skin fresher, firmer and more youthful-looking with each use." Yes, please! I'd like to bathe in this stuff for about a week.

It has no smell and is a really smooth, light and liquidy gel:

It's meant for the places that need extra plumping or lines that need to be filled, so every morning and night I've been putting it under my eyes and around the outer corners. The instructions also suggest putting it on your neck, so I do that as well. It definitely helps to get rid of puffiness in the morning and I haven't had any issues leaving it on my skin overnight. This might actually become one of my essentials!

After the serum dried, I applied the oil-free moisturizer all over my face and left some on my hands because why not! 

What I love about this stuff is that it's infused with calendula, aloe and chamomile... all things my body seems to love AND they're part of our natural environment. The fact that this moisturizer is oil-free makes it even better. My skin tends to get oily, so this worked out well.

I tried the Broad Spectrum Protective Day Cream the next day (so I didn't have to take off the hyaluronic serum and moisturizer):

Wearing sunscreen on your face during the day is something everybody should start doing in their teens. The longer you've been protecting your face, the better you'll age. The sun ages our skin little by little and can cause cancer, so it's not worth it to mess around.

When it comes to my allergies, I'm usually able to use the pressurized sunscreen sprays as opposed to pump sprays or creams. The pressurized sprays are great, but the scent just lights my nostrils on fire... I will absolutely not put that stuff on my face.

This cream by Earth Science is gentle and doesn't smell like anything which is EXACTLY what I would want for my face. I'm looking forward to using this on the beach! Tick tock til summer...

A BIG THANK YOU to Kristin at Earth Science for bringing such awesome products into my life! You guys rock!

If you haven't checked out Earth Science before, head on over to their website now! You can also find them in Whole Foods and other health stores.

This is the perfect time to prep your face and hair for all that summer fun just around the corner ;-)