The Most Popular Allergy And Eczema Stories

Over these last few years, you guys have sent in some amazing stories. Whether it's a story from somebody caring for another person with allergy / eczema or a story directly from the person suffering through those conditions, you've all been through A LOT. 

It's moments of reflection like this that once again make me SO VERY grateful for this community. Nobody else "gets it", you know? Being able to turn to all of you, feel the support and listen to all your stories has been such an amazing outlet. And I love watching you guys help each other out in the comments! You're an awesome bunch :-)

In honor of you guys and all your awesomeness, I dug into my website's statistics and found the most popular eczema and/or allergy stories that have been posted here on my blog.

And make sure to jump in on the conversation! You can also share your story by clicking the button at the end of this post. Help somebody out by sharing the valuable things you've learned while dealing with allergies or eczema. You might share a tidbit of information that changes somebody's life!