How to Spend Less Time Shopping When You Have Fabric Allergies

Raise your hand if you're allergic to fabric or want to spend less time shopping for clothing! My skin despises polyester and unfortunately, it runs rampant in clothing stores. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent searching for pants I can wear to the office. In the summer, I wear a lot of cotton dresses because: a) agreeable with my skin even on days when my skin is really bad b) they're fairly easy to find and c)) part of my commute involves a mile-long walk which is rough in the summer heat. Hot, sweaty pants aren't the way to go, especially with sensitive skin.

Instead of going to ten different stores for a single pair of pants, wouldn't you rather spend ZERO time searching?

Think of what you could do with that time... relax and read a book... meditate or do some yoga... maybe go hiking? All of which sounds way better than having to touch polyester a zillion times on my shopping trip just so I can check the fabric content on the tag. It is absolutely a grand exercise of patience.

I used to shop online for most of my clothing (and I still thank my lucky stars for being able to shop online) because I got sick of how much time it took to find items in-store. Shopping online wasn't the best solution style-wise, though, because I couldn't try anything on beforehand. What looks great on the model may not look great on me AND sizes can vary from brand to brand. I don't know about you, but I am NOT a fan of returning things - especially when it involves sending it through the mail.

With a tight schedule and a zillion things we have to do as adults, time is precious. Let's not waste it on aggravating shopping excursions! Less stress = a healthier mind and body.

I've considered using online styling services for a while... They've been gaining popularity lately and I've heard awesome things from anybody who's used Stitch Fix. The general idea behind these stylist sites is that you:

  1. Join their website
  2. Fill out a survey and electronically communicate with their personal stylists to let them know your exact needs
  3. Receive a package in the mail with your personally styled items
  4. Send back the stuff you don't want, free of shipping costs, and only pay for what you'd like to keep

Not too shabby, eh? Sounds pretty dang convenient.

I've saved you some time (booyah!) and rounded up four companies for you to check out:

Stitch Fix

This is one of the most well-known at the moment. Stitch Fix works for a lot of people because you can really tailor how much you spend. If you're trying to be budget friendly, but still get some great items, this looks like a good way to go. You set a budget for each type of item (accessories, pants, etc) and select how often you receive a shipment. 

Trunk Club

Trunk Club is definitely a bit more upscale than Stitch Fix. The items are beautiful, though. They send along brands like Rag & Bone and Theory. As their site states, they have "Nordstrom-like" pricing and you'll be paying at least $170 for a pair of jeans and $100 for a shirt. One really cool feature of Trunk Club is that in select cities (Chicago, L.A., Dallas and Washington D.C.) they have actual locations where you can meet with your stylist one-on-one and try stuff on.

Keaton Row

Keaton Row has an interesting way of approaching styling - they are seasonal! To keep yourself enrolled for the next season, all you have to buy is one piece of clothing. A nice feature of their service is they as you buy pieces, they are added to your "virtual wardrobe" online so that you can really assess your wardrobe. Pretty cool! Keaton Row is more similar to Trunk Club with their pricing, but a little less expensive. Instead of paying at least $170 for pants, you'll be paying at least $100.


Stylit delivers outfits on a weekly basis, every Thursday. This seems like a pretty new company as they're on a beta site which is kinda like a site test site before you launch your real website. They provide no information on pricing (I guess you have to join to find out?) but I'm willing to bet it's not as expensive as Trunk Club.

Have you tried any online styling services?

Thumbs up or thumbs down?