Essure Ruined My Life

Hi. My name is Mary. In 2009 after having my 6th child my doctor recommended essure. He told me it was completely safe and less evasive than having a traditional tubal. I would be sadated and he would perform a DMC then insert the coils. Afterwards I had severe cramping for about 2 weeks which he ensured me were Sometimes a complication from the procedure. After a few months I started to get migraines which would last for days. After seeing my doctor who couldn’t explain why I was having them, he did put me on meds that helped alittle. That was just the start. Since then I’ve suffered abdominal pain, swollen lymph nodes throughout my body which the doctor tells me are from an immune response. But a response to what he doesn’t know. Severe back pain, severe bleeding, chronic fatigue and if that’s not enough lately I’ve developed shortness of breathe which my doctors can’t figure out. So last month I finally was able to convince my gynecologist to perform a hysterectomy. Since then some of the symptoms have left but not all. In December I lost my job I worked at for 12 years. I’ve had to have friends care for my children when I was unable to. I was an independent women and now I’m home bound. I have no energy to even clean my house. I’ve become severely depressed. If I could tell anyone considering Essure one thing it would be” don’t do it”. It’s not safe and will ruin your life.
— Mary

After writing about the allergy complications of Essure birth control, I've been getting a lot of related stories. While I only share allergy or eczema related stories, this story involves an immune response to the implant and could very likely be because of an allergy, although it hasn't been diagnosed. It's important to spread the word on this issue because many women are having allergic reactions to nickel in the Essure implant and as a result, getting hysterectomies (because Essure is permanent). If that isn't awful enough, many of us know that having a bout this bad with an allergen can cause other health issues. It can take the body a long time to return to normal, if it ever does.

Mary, my heart bleeds for you because I'm also an independent woman and it's CRUSHING to lose that! You didn't even have a choice in the matter! I am so saddened to hear you lost your job of twelve years. That's a BIG blow. I hope you have enough good people around you to help get you through this time. Six kids is a lot to take care of! I am glad, however, that some of your symptoms have gone away. Maybe, since it's only been a month, other symptoms will disappear as well. I sure hope they do! Perhaps there's a way for you to work from home and take on a new career... THIS MAKES ME SO MAD!! How can Essure not be held responsible for ruining so many women's lives? The damage done has torn people's lives apart and it's just not right!

Hang in there, Mary... If you haven't joined the Essure Problems Facebook group, do so now! There are a lot of E-sisters out there!