Your Stories: Pregnancy Edition

When it comes to allergies and eczema, many of us are aware that they can come and go throughout our lives... Aaaand I think all of us would wish to have neither during pregnancy.

Allergies and eczema can get worse or improve during pregnancy... and they can even appear for the first time! For some, the symptoms disappear after childbirth while for others, they stick around.

While I haven't had children yet, we talk about trying in a couple years... the closer I get to it, the more I wonder how everything will go down. Will my allergies disappear? Will they get worse? Will our children have eczema and allergies? So many things to wonder!

As an ode to all the women out there who have dealt with allergies and eczema in relation to pregnancy, this is post for you! Here are four stories from women who have dealt with one or the other (or both) in relation to pregnancy: