15 Things to Avoid if You're Allergic to Cobalt

When I got my patch test charts, cobalt came back as one of my allergens. Cobalt is a metal element also known as "Co" on the periodic table and looks similar to nickel. 

I got the impression from my doctor that my nickel allergy was more of a concern as it was pretty severe and more present in our everyday lives than cobalt. He told me to stay away from metal when possible and to avoid the color, cobalt, as well. I said, "I'm allergic to a COLOR? As in, I'm allergic to even cobalt paint?" To which he said, "yes". 


Luckily, red and black are my favorite colors. I can do without cobalt blue ;-)

Nickel allergy is made a lot easier by the existence of nickel testing kits, which I LOVE. Well... it turns out there's a cobalt testing kit as well! You can get yours here for $19.99. I didn't even know that these existed, so I'm going to have to get my hands on some.

So, where might you find cobalt?

  1. cobalt-colored glass
  2. cobalt-colored varnish
  3. cobalt-colored porcelain / pottery
  4. cobalt-colored enamels
  5. metal objects (anything from kitchen utensils to items in the medical field)
  6. vitamin B12
  7. polyester resin
  8. cement
  9. wet clay
  10. antiperspirants
  11. magnets
  12. batteries
  13. tattoos
  14. hair dye (light brown shades)
  15. in minerals (smaltite and erythrite)


Are you allergic to cobalt? Got any tips or tricks?