PG Has Taken Over My Life!

I have been plagued with a chronic rash on my hands and feet and at times other parts of my body for over 4 years. I finally had patch testing done and found I am allergic to Propylene Glycol (PG). I immediately eliminated all household and personal care products from my home. I was a huge task and I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of products that contain PG. I still have had no relief from my symptoms. My hands and feet are still inflamed. At my last appointment my doctor noticed that the rash on my feet followed the pattern of my shoes- It was then I discovered there is PG in leather and leather products. i live in a warm climate and where sandals year round and now am struggling to find some shoes that won’t irritate my feet. I am hoping that over time I will eventually get this under control. It seems the more I research the more I find that I will have to avoid. The lists the doctors give you when diagnosed is so small in comparison to the reality. PG is everywhere and trying to avoid it is nearly impossible. It is depressing that avoiding this allergen has taken over my life. Finding product information is next to impossible sometimes and trial and error usually ends up being a painful uncomfortable lesson.
— Anonymous

I feel your pain! Propylene glycol is involved in the processing of such a vast range of products that it feels like we're surrounded by it at all times. It's overwhelming! A big part of coping with this allergy involves keeping our environment fairly controlled and routine. This can be a huge life-change for adventurous people, but I try to find some comfort in the routine. I hope that one day our ingredients lists will progress a little further by not allowing hidden ingredients. I'm sure that would be a big change for any industry, but our health should be our priority, so it's worth it! 

Hang in there - it does get easier! There will always be challenges with this allergy, but over time, it gets easier to accept and one day you'll be a PG-allergy pro!



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