PRODUCT REVIEW: Emily Skin Soother for Red, Hot, Angry Skin

I've been using Emily Hot Skin Soother for the past two weeks and I just have to say:

It's become my favorite skincare product to carry around with me!

Seriously, this stuff is AMAZING.

I got it from The Eczema Company (run by my pal, Jennifer, who has kids who've dealt with eczema). As far as this product being a new favorite... of course I still keep body cream at home and at work because it's a necessity for eczema and I still use it every day... but this hot skin soother has been going everywhere with me - even my purse. I kinda don't want to be without it! If I forgot it at home one day while I was dealing with a bad eczema flare, I'd honestly be pretty bummed... okay, REALLY BUMMED.

Lately, I've had some painful eczema on my hands that just won't go away. It's from some nickel exposure and this eczema has been hanging around for the last month or so. I've tried various healing products as opposed to using my steroid ointment (Desoximetasone) and it's been a slow journey.

I took some photos of a particularly bad patch on my right hand over the last two weeks and check out the progress, thanks to Emily Skin Soother!!

AW YEAH. Clearin' right up.

Not only has Emily Skin Soother helped heal my eczema, but it does WONDERS for the pain. Allergic contact dematitis (like in the photos above) can be incredibly sensitive... especially when it's been affecting the same spot for a while. It feels almost raw at times.

An area like the hands is tough when it comes to eczema because our hands are constantly being used. Between being easily exposed to a zillion substances and the skin moving all day long... some good ol' healing time can be hard to find.

That's why I LOVE Emily Skin Soother for hot, angry skin. Back in December, I did a product review Emily's Baby and Adult Skin Soother (for dry, chapped, red, rough, flaking and irritated skin). It was great for dry areas like my elbows, but didn't do anything for the red, inflamed areas. In fact, it seemed to irritate it.

Jennifer over at The Eczema Company told me that another one of the Emily Skin Soothers might be better for those areas. Turns out the founder of Emily Skin Soothers agreed as well! 

Jennifer made sure some Emily Skin Soother was sent my way and along with it came a note from, Mike, the founder of Emily products! That really made me smile! "Emily" ended up coming to fruition through Mike's journey of healing his daughter's eczema. Her name is - you guessed it - Emily! :-)

All in all, Emily Skin Soother for red, hot, angry skin gets a big ol' stamp of approval from me. Mike and Jennifer were right - I love this stuff! I can absolutely see it becoming one of my staples. 

Have you tried Emily Skin Soother for red, hot, angry skin?