After a Year of Side Effects, I Realized I Was Allergic

"At the time I was offered Essure, I had 3 teenagers & a 74 year old! I was my grandma 's full time care taker & she was diagnosed with having dementia, glaucoma & she suffered from a stroke, so we were working on making her right side stronger through physical therapy often. At the time I was 36 & was ready to get off of birth control, but couldn't afford any down time. Essure sounded better than any 18 year surprises at the time. I watched the video, signed up & knew I was gonna go home, do all the research I needed to before my procedure appointment. Well, I didn't do that. I'm definitely allergic to stainless steel & nickel. I told my dr. & she just looked at me & said, how do you know? Did you have an allergy test done? It doesn't say that you're allergic to that in your chart! I feel the implants in my body. If I pick up on something too heavy, they'll move & cause an infection and I'll be bed until it heals. Countless UTI's & yeast infections.. So, It's been a life changer. I feel like I just need to be very careful so I don't end up taring up my insides. Once it tares, the slightest movement will open the wound again & again.. Sex isn't nearly as enjoyable nor often. It's depressing."

Another Essure story... this makes me so sad! There's one thing I want to make very clear- there ARE women out there who have had their Essure implants removed! It kills me to think about you having to be careful to not tear up your insides :-( In your case... if there aren't any doctors near you who will remove them... I really do believe it's worth a plane ride to the right doctor. Those implants need to come out for sure. 

And while we're on this subject, for anybody who hasn't heard of Essure birth control and the complications with nickel allergy (among many other complications, read more here)... a lot of women went to court and filed a suit to get Essure pulled off the market. Unfortunately, they didn't achieve that, but Essure DID get labeled with the most dangerous warning label. It's called a "black box" label. Since so many women are having nickel allergy issues and nickel is one of the most common contact allergens... a nickel allergy test should be MANDATORY for this implant. And on that note, I think a test should be required for ANY medical implant containing nickel. This allergy really is THAT prevalent. Nickel actually won "allergen of the year" for that very reason.

To everybody having problem with Essure.. please, please research getting your implants removed! I've messaged with women who pretty much immediately felt better after getting theirs taken out. They've lost SO much in their lives (jobs, husbands, their dignity) to Essure. The sooner you're rid of it, the better! 

Sending so much love your way,


P.S. - Here's a story written by another woman who suffered because of Essure.