PRODUCT REVIEW: Mcristals Nickel-Free Gold Earrings

Aren't those earrings just gorgeous? This past October, I was privileged to be the maid of honor at an old friend's wedding. We wore the most beautiful saris and there was a lot of gold. This meant, of course, that I had to consider my nickel allergy... AND I had to look fab!

I was a bit nervous because all of the gold jewelry I had tested positive for nickel and I sold most of it. In my searching online, I'd seen nickel-free gold earrings, but they were a really dark gold. I like the brighter stuff.

So... my search began and I went directly to Etsy. The great thing about Etsy is that you have easy and direct access to the shop owners. I found a shop called Mcristals and they had the most beautiful earrings that went perfectly with the Middle Eastern aspect of the wedding.

They're all plated in either 18k gold, rose gold or rhodium (I tested these myself and they tested nickel-free).

I ordered a couple pairs as I had two formal events to go to and they came in this lovely packaging:

I always appreciate the effort put into a good presentation :-)

In addition to the earrings pictured in the main photo (which you can see me wearing here on the day of the wedding)....

I also received this beautifully elaborate pair from Mcristals:

Love, love, love them! And the bride did too ;-) They're beautiful, lightweight and tested nickel-free. What more could I ask for?

FUN FACT: The owner of the shop also has nickel allergy and she said she always keep a pair for herself so that she can do a test run and make sure she has no allergic reactions. A nice bonus for those with nickel allergy!

Head on over to the Mcristals shop now and check out their other statement earrings!

I've even got a coupon code for ya:

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