Round-up of Allergy Friendly Handheld Vacuums

A BIG part of keeping your home clear of allergens is vacuuming. Whether you're trying to get rid of dust or pet hair, it's important to do it regularly.

If not, you may end up:

  • congested
  • sneezy
  • itchy
  • or with red / watery eyes

No bueno!

I did a blog post about allergy friendly vacuums, but I don't always want to drag out our full size Hoover Elite Rewind (which has a HEPA filter and pet friendly tools). Having a handheld option that can take care of our furniture and any small jobs is KEY.

We have the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser (first one in the slides) and LOVE it. The rubbery nubs on the end really help get pet hair off of the couch. Even if the pets aren't on the couch, their tiny hairs still end up on the upholstery! Little stinkers...

Below is a round-up of eleven different handheld vacuums to help banish those allergens of yours:


Do you have your own handheld that you love?

Please share! Post up in the comments!