PRODUCT REVIEW: Preserve Triple Razor and a Big Hell Yeah for Those Allergic to Nickel!

For the last handful of years, my beauty routine has been considerably different because I found myself unable to use disposable razors. Between my nickel allergy and other allergies to preservatives/additives (in the moisturizing strip)... razors left my skin an itchy mess of eczema.

I tried all of the normal razors like Gilette and Bic and couldn't find anything that worked for me. The unlisted ingredients in their moisturizing strips made it equally as difficult as finding one without nickel. 

I tried EVERYTHING I could: epilators, electric razors, waxing at home, getting waxed at spas... it was either expensive, painful, both, didn't deliver a smooth result or was just plain time consuming. I looked into laser hair removal, but my doctor strongly warned me not to do it... so I haven't (but I still kinda want to!).

The task of shaving that used to take 5 minutes had turned into an annoying thorn in my side and I was OVER IT. I was so over it that I started a petition to prove to a couple of the larger companies out there that a nickel free razor IS needed. I got 426 people to sign it and every time somebody signed it, an email from the signer plopped into the inboxes of the CEO's for Schick and BIC.

BIC responded to one of my emails, saying that nickel is deemed necessary in their design. I never did hear back from Schick.

But none of that matters anymore! You know why?

Preserve makes a refill-able razor that I can use in spite of my nickel and preservative/additive allergies! :-D

Word on the street was that these were nickel free or coated with another metal, preventing any nickel from touching skin. A few of you guys have told me that you use this razor without fail and have even nickel tested them over and over as you've used them. So, I decided to go through with it!

When I began my research, I was bummed to see that Preserve doesn't list all of the allergens in the moisturizing strip. Instead, it states:

“Preserve partners with a U.S. blade manufacturer to source our blades which feature a lubricating strip with aloe vera, a vegan colorant and vitamin E oil. Our lubricating strip does not contain gluten. While our manufacturing partnership does not allow us to disclose the full ingredient list, we recognize that for some, it may be critical to know whether certain ingredients are contained in the blade or the lubricating strip. In these cases we welcome you to contact us and we can help you determine whether our blades are right for you.”

I wrote the nice folks over at Preserve an e-mail inquiring about the metal on their razors as well as the ingredients in their moisturizing strips. Their very kind Customer Operations Manager, Ali, responded to me:

“Regarding the blades, they are made from titanium-coated stainless steel, and the clip wires (on the ends of the cartridge) are manufactured using rolled aluminum. The aluminum is then coated with plastic so it will not come into contact with skin. Nickel is a specified component for stainless steel razor blades. It may be present in trace amounts in the blade (which is coated in titanium), but the amount is usually too small to detect with standard testing equipment. As you have heard from your readers, we do have many customers with Nickel sensitivities that are able to use our razors with no issue because of the titanium coating, but because of the potential for trace amounts of nickel being present we don’t make a “nickel-free” claim.

Regarding the lubrication strip, we work with a manufacturing partner to produce it so the exact formulation is proprietary to them. However, I was able to check your list of ingredients below and confirmed that none of them are present in our lubrication strip, and that the vegan colorant does not contain propylene glycol.”

WOOHOO! Great for nickel allergy! And none of my allergens in the strips!

These are the allergens I had them check for:

  • sodium benzoate
  • benzoic acid
  • propylene glycol 
  • neomycin sulfate 
  • thimerosal 
  • polymyxin B 
  • bacitracin zinc
  • pramoxine 

Some of those are usually found in stuff like antibiotic ointments, so I didn't THINK they'd be in the strip, but it can't hurt to include it.

So, I went ahead and opened up the package! You can get these at Whole Foods, by the way.

The Preserve Triple Razor System comes with two razors and the packaging doubles as a travel case.

The blades clipped in easily...

It's lightweight and has a nice textured handle. I like the design! 

Aaand I've been using it for a couple weeks now and have had ZERO allergic reactions! Hell yeah!


Oh my gosh, it's been FOREVER. My skin hasn't been this smooth (without getting waxed) in YEARS! And I'm relieved because it's vastly more convenient than any of the other hair removal options I was able to try.

Some other great things about Preserve's Triple Razor:

  • The handle is made out of recycled yogurt cups (plastic #5)
  • They're eco friendly because you can recycle the handle afterward
  • BPA free
  • They comes in all sorts of colors from purple to gray and are marketed toward women AND men

Not to shabby, eh? At the price of $8.50 for the system, my issues with shaving are officially over! The refill of 4 replacement blades will run you another $8.50, bringing each blade to about $2.13. Totally affordable.

Have you tried Preserve's Triple Razor?