Allergy to Propyl Gallate

Hi there

I have been suffering from a very itchy sore bum for a few years now. I have been prescribed many creams/ointments. I have recently seen a Dermatologist who said it looks like contact dermatitis. She sent me for patch testing and I tested positive for allergy to Propyl Gallate. I had been smoking an e cigarette which I was convinced was adding to my itch. The flavourings contain Propylene Glycol. I stopped this immediately and now I am 3 weeks free of smoking. My problem is still there, although a little better. The dermatologist told me to check the labels for Propyl Galllate, he seems to think its more a contact Dermatitis and not to worry about foods too much. I was prescribed Eumovate and Diprobase Ointment before the patch testing and this just does not help. I just want some relief it’s making me so miserable.

If any one has any advice I would really appreciate it. I have changed a few products in food, butter and I check for preservatives. As its E310 in food. I don’t use anything in the bath/shower. I wash my hair away from my body and im getting to the stage where I daren’t eat or use any kind of soap.

Many thanks Lisa xxx

Hi Lisa!

I've been sitting here wracking my brain for about ten minutes just trying to think of what could be affecting that area of your body that wouldn't affect the other areas. Perhaps it's your underwear, pants, or some body product you're applying? Another thing to keep in mind which is kind of annoying is that different body parts CAN react differently. For example, my right earlobe has always been much more reactionary to nickel than the left earlobe.

People can react through their skin for more internal reasons - Celiac and stuff like that. But patch testing is a great place to start. It changed my world! Avoiding your allergens can be a pain, but I believe that it's a much better option than steroids. It requires a lot of diligence, but it's worth it! I actually did a little bit of research on propyl gallate a while ago because I saw it in brats and wondered what it actually was. Check that out here.

Hang in there and try to stay positive! You can do this!