Your Eczema & Allergy Stories: Parental Edition

The whole reason I began this website was to create a place where people with eczema and/or allergies (as they so often go hand-in-hand) could share and receive information for the benefit of themselves and everybody else.

So many of us have shared the same struggles: sleepless nights from itching, days where your airborne allergies are hitting you so hard all you want to do is stay in bed and the joy in finding the solutions which have helped improve your health.

It's a roller coaster, to say the least!

But let's not forget one of the other perspectives... the perspective of a parent whose child has allergies or eczema.

I believe that all good parents want their children to lead a life free of physical pain and the mental challenges that often come along with allergies and eczema. Not only that, but they feel responsible for their child's well being... and allergies and eczema can be tough conditions to tame.

It's got to be hard to watch from a parent's eyes... and it must feel pretty helpless at times.

So, let's give those parents a round of applause because they deserve it! 

Here are five stories - all from the parental point of view: