FREE DOWNLOAD: My Favorite Allergy & Eczema Products (PLUS - My Every Day Essentials)!

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After being assaulted with a long list of allergies and eczema in 2010, I didn't know WHICH products I could use... I had a list from the doctor for a lot of things, but companies began changing their formulas (without warning) and then I discovered "hidden ingredients"... sigh.

Years later, I finally have all of the products I need and along the way have found some gems that I've really been able to rely on.

And now I'm giving that trusted roster of allergy and eczema products to YOU. 

Plus, I threw in most of my essentials!

Instead of spending hours searching the internet or trekking out to some obscure store, you'll get:

  • a list of 28 awesome products
  • links to find each one online 
  • everything alphabetized into a two page PDF which you can view and save on your desktop, smartphone or tablet.

Every single one of these products have been tried by me and they truly are products that I love. Most of them I've been using for a long, long time.

Also: I vow to keep the integrity of this list in tact! I refuse to accept a lick of compensation for offering this resource to you. That way, you know that what I'm offering you is 100% tried and true by moi.

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