My Eczema Eyelids

I never use to get eczema, two of my sisters suffered from it terribly, I use to go to doctor appointments with my eldest sister who has eczema so bad on her hands that she would be in pain constantly. I didn’t think I would ever end up with it until I reached my twenties, I noticed the eczema on my legs first it wasn’t that bad until I started itching it uncontrollably, bad move on my part really! Then one day it started to appear on my eyelids, I would still try wear makeup which made it a hundred times worse, I got my biggest flare ups in the winter but lucky for me e45 works really well on getting rid of it or calming it down, I dread winter months when it comes to my skin but I know I’m a lot luckier than other people who suffer who eczema.
— anonymous

Wow, that's quite the jump from your legs to your eyelids! :-( That must be so incredibly painful because the skin on your eyelids is constantly moving... I know a similar sort of pain from getting it on my knuckles. Having eczema exist on skin that is in motion so often also makes it harder to heal! Ugh. 

Looks like E45 is only in the UK. Sad face! Not sure what the ingredients are anyways, though, because they don't list them on their site. I'm so glad you found something that helps, though! Many thanks for sharing your story!