How To Survive the Holidays with Allergies & Eczema

If you're like me, when you consider the holidays (which usually means being in a different home/environment)... you immediately think about aaaall the "X" factors aka the things that could disrupt your health. You may also consider whether or not it's really a good idea to go through with it.

When I go over to somebody's house, I have to think of things like: 

  • Do they have a cat?
  • Is their furniture made of polyester?
  • Will I be able to eat anything they're serving?
  • Does their silverware contain nickel?
  • Do they use air fresheners I may be allergic to?

In order to conquer your allergies and eczema you REALLY have to stick to your guns about controlling the environment you're in. It can get aggravating doing all the extra work, but when I get annoyed... I just try to think about how much it will benefit me... and take a deep breath... and tell myself again ;-)

Add travelling into the mix and you've just added another level of difficulty. Some families really like to get away for the holidays and do it up!

Take for example, when I went on a sailing trip for a week in St. Martin. I knew that I could possibly have an eczema flare due to an allergic reaction to the boat. Why? Because I'm allergic to polyester and propylene glycol which is used to make polyester resin which is what most boats are made of.

I gave it a shot, though. I mean, how was I going to pass up the once in a lifetime opportunity of living on a private catamaran in the Caribbean for a week? That would be cray-zay.

So, I go on the trip aaand my skin did flare up... womp, womp. It was pretty uncomfortable. Getting my skin to calm down on a hot, sticky boat is next to impossible... So, no more boat trips for me, but I'm still glad I got to experience what it's like to float around the Caribbean for a week (it's BEAUTIFUL).

While the holidays can be challenging, we owe it to ourselves to try to figure out a way to enjoy this special time - despite our allergies and/or eczema. With a little planning, some sacrifice and a positive attitude... you will probably be able to make it work!

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