Eczema, Allergies, Asthma

Ever since I was a baby I’ve had a serious case of eczema and also Asthma, it is a struggle everyday due to the comments you get and people asking what it is, eczema covers my body so people can always see it. It makes me self conscious. Sometimes it gets better, and then I get a flare up again and it’s worse than ever, even when I think it can’t get any worse. I’m also allergic to animals (but I love them!), lots of foods, perfumes etc. and these all things that greatly affect my skin. Countless times I’ve tried steroids from the doctors etc but nothing has ever worked effectively.
— anonymous

Wow, I'm amazed that even the steroids didn't work! The doctors put me on Prednisone and it worked, but  it made me very bloated, gassy and uncomfortable... PLUS - I knew about the other horrible side effects that could pop up. I didn't want a drug like that to be the solution (especially for the rest of my life!). I wonder if you were allergic to the steroids they were prescribing...?

Ugh, the roller coaster of eczema flares... also ends up being a roller coaster ride emotionally. It can be really difficult to deal with, so what I like to do is a little bit of meditation and try to remind myself during the flares that it will be over soon - especially if I keep a close eye on what I'm coming into contact with.

Also, here's what I do when my skin freaks out. And you've gotta try this cathartic exercise. It really helps my mindset when the going gets tough!