18 Years of Being Asked "Who Told You This Was Eczema?"

Ever since I was a child I had eczema. Over the years it seemed to get progressively worse and the doctors we had access to were through the military- my father’s in the Air Force and we lived overseas, so we didn’t have many options. For years I was prescribed random ointments and steroidal cremes that “normal people shouldn’t react to”. A lot of doctors thought that my mother and I were lying about the products not working, even though they had visibly exacerbated my eczema. A few months ago we had a nurse (not even a dermatologist!) question the fact that it was eczema in the first place! It’s definitely been a frustrating process. Then, this past week, I finally met with a dermatologist and had a patch test done. We learned that I’m allergic to nickel, propylene glycol, amerchol, and lidocaine (thank goodness I never needed surgery, because I reacted INSTANTLY to this numbing agent during the test). It feels so great to finally know where the reactions are coming from, and even though the transition to PG-free foods and products is pretty difficult, I know it’ll worth it in the long run. I’m so happy I found your blog and pinterest page, it’s definitely making everything much easier!
— anonymous Allergista reader

I'm glad you found me too! It truly saddens me to think about the people who go years dealing with horrible skin issues because they can't get to the doctors with the right expertise. I'm so glad you went through patch testing! I really do believe that allergy testing should be covered by insurance for everybody's annual physical... maybe one day! Allergies are SO common, can come and go, and as we bring new chemicals into the world, we open the door to creating more allergens as well.

Best wishes to you in your transition! You got this!