Allergy Friendly Vacuums

Airborne allergens can make the air in your home tough to deal with. In the past, I've talked about how to purify the air in your home... One way to improve the air quality is to vacuum frequently and the type of vacuum DOES matter.

Whether it's a HEPA filter, a different type of allergy-busting technology or a machine built for battling pet hair, there are a wide range of options out there.

In an effort to slay those allergens, I vacuum every two days (ideally).

It's helpful to vacuum slowly, covering as much carpet as you can. Be mindful of the height the base is set to and keep the canister or the bag as empty as possible. Make sure to routinely wipe down your vacuum because dust loves to build up in the nooks and crannies!

Here are the twelve allergy friendly options I found:

...SIGH... The Dyson Ball Allergy and the Roomba for Pets... would be an amazing pair, right? Dreamy...

We actually have the handheld Bissell Pet Hair Eraser and LOVE it. The rubbery nubs on the end pull the pet hair right off our sofa. SO important when you have pets. Even if they aren't allowed on your furniture, their dander/hair flies around and gets on it anyways.

What's your favorite allergen busting vacuum?