Product Review: Emily Baby & Adult Skin Soother

Recently, my friend Jennifer over at The Eczema Company asked me if I wanted to try anything from her store... and of course I said yes! It's been a while since I've tried a new product for my skin, so I was pretty excited. I am a HUGE fan of The Eczema Company. They actually also have a blog called It's an Itchy Little World. Both of Jennifer's kids have eczema and she has put in some serious work to heal those two cutie pies.

Not only that, but any time I have a question about the ingredients in a product, she will go back to the supplier and get the answer for me :-) Being able to trust a company to actually do those things and not make you feel bad about it... well, that's just A+ customer service, now isn't it?

The first thing I chose was Emily Skin Soother:

One of my favorite things about this product is the tiny ingredient list! There are only FIVE:

It has a waxy, oily texture and is extremely thick:

And smells like a mixture of olive oil and beeswax.

I tried this product for a couple weeks... I was actually unsure if my skin was having an allergic reaction to it. This is why: in the first week of trying Emily Skin Soother, I moved cubicles at my new job. That sort of thing tends to always irritate my skin a little... I end up touching a wide variety of items, coming into contact with dust and then have a new environment for my body to adjust to. Moving almost always means that allergic contact dermatitis (eczema) is going to flare up on my hands. In hindsight, I should have worn cotton gloves throughout the whole process. Lesson learned!

After another week and some healing time (here's what I do when my skin flares up), I gave Emily Skin Soother another shot.

For dry patches of skin (like I get on my elbows), it's PERFECT. As far as blisters go (like the kind I tend to get on my fingers)... this actually ended up irritating mine a little. 

The verdict?

The moisturizing qualities are off. the. charts. Even for people without eczema, this would be the perfect thing for moisturizing your parched body parts. Or how 'bout fixing those dry feet by slathering some of this on and slipping into socks before you fall asleep..?

People with dry skin - this product is definitely for you!

Blistery, oozing eczema - not so much. That's how it goes, though. The various symptoms of eczema often have to be treated differently.

Make sure to check out my review on their Hot Skin Soother which I looooooove :-D