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I have suffered with eczema for 13 years. It just popped up one day and decided to never leave. My most common flare ups occur on my face which has severely affected my self confidence. Going through high school with a weird rash all over your body was really tough. Eventually we linked it to quite a few food allergies and that alleviated it for about 5 years. I had the occasional flare up here and there but nothing major. This winter my husband and I moved to a new state with a different climate and here I sit with a flare up on my face again. My job requires me to be on stage with a camera in my face every weekend and I dread having to try and cover it up because that doesn’t help a thing. I’ve been on a fairly recent journey to try and become more natural with my products and more whole in my eating to try and overcome this. I found your blog and have been so encouraged. No one in my circle has suffered from eczema so I’m just walking around embarrassed with no one to talk too or help me out. Finding your blog and the links to others and realizing that there is a community for people who suffer from eczema is amazing. Hopefully I can find a way to heal and I know your blog will provide me with so much knowledge! Thank you for all you do!
— anonymous Allergista reader

I'm so happy that you found me as well as our eczema community! I know what a great advantage it can be to hear other people's stories and solutions. Eczema can really feel like a never ending battle sometimes.

Ugh, high school kids can be really mean... I'm so sorry to hear that you went through that. Having your eczema in such an obvious place - especially having to frequently be in front of a camera - can't be easy! Here's what I do when my eczema freaks out and as far as products go, there are great stores on both the allergy resource page and the eczema resource page.

Major life changes like moving or stressful events can really flare up our eczema, so I'm hoping that yours will be able to calm down with a little TLC and move on to adjusting to your new environment.

I wish you a speedy recovery! Hang in there and make sure to reach out to all of us if you need to! That's what we're here for :-)