A Grocery Store Trip Through My Eyes

One thing about allergies is that we can be allergic to ANYthing... While I'm not allergic to the top 8 allergens like many people, I'm allergic to a lot of chemicals in addition to being lactose intolerant. In this day and age... there. is. so. much. processed. food. 

And honestly, I'm out of the house half the day for work... and I need to sleep... and maybe do a thing or two around the house or for myself... juuust maybe. It's a tight schedule, so I can't take the time to make all my food from scratch as much as I'd love to. I do cook every weekend, though ;-)

So, I thought I'd take you on a journey through my eyes during my latest grocery store trip. I tweeted this during my trip:


We start off with the produce. I love me some fresh produce:

...and clementines are a fav right now for breakfast.

As I go through the refrigerated stuff, I always make sure to grab some Lactaid cottage cheese (lactose free!):

I'm a cottage cheese lover and this is good stuff! I live so close to the Wisconsin border that it doesn't even seem right that I'm lactose intolerant. And don't get me started on the whole Chicago pizza thing...

Being lactose intolerant ain't no thang when it comes to butter. Earth Balance looks like butter, tastes like butter and (at least stove-top wise) cooks like butter. I'm pretty sure I've also baked with it and had no problems.

Ahhh yes... the bread aisle (omg, love carbs)... it's usually full of propylene glycol, modified food starch (more propylene glycol) and lactose - bad stuff for me. 

This tasty Italian bread from Brownberry works for me, though:

It's great sandwich bread - nice and soft!

Oooh and the freshly baked muffins.... I LOVE MUFFINS. They contain propylene glycol as well. Many baking mixes do. I grab some for my lovely husband, though ;-) 

Next, it's time for snacks and I grab some of our favs. I'm obsessed with the crunch of Plentils... I love the light but airy texture.

TIP: Plentils (and all Enjoy Life products) are free from the top 8 allergens!

These Clif bars are dairy free and also free of all of the chemicals I'm allergic to. And... THEY ARE SO INCREDIBLY YUMMY. ALL OF THEM.

Tea time! Black is my favorite way to go in the morning and Stash is straight and to the point. They also a nice black tea / green tea blend if you don't like it that strong. Check out their ingredient label. ONE INGREDIENT. I love ingredient labels like that.

This particular weekend I made pulled BBQ chicken tacos in the slow cooker, so I grabbed some soft shells. In many grocery stores, you can't find soft taco shells without hydrogenated oil... It's crazy. Baja makes some fabulous and very affordable tortillas that are actually free of hydrogenated oil:


Gotta buy the BBQ sauce for the chicken and our favorite BBQ sauce is Stubbs!

It's so flavorful... just the right balance of flavor in every kind. Sauces are HUGE culprits for chemicals and lactose, so I have to be very careful.

I chose Stubb's Original (my go-to):

Something kinda sad happened on this particular grocery trip. An old favorite of mine, Tofutti Cuties... turned into just another product I can't have! I could have sworn when I ate these about a year ago that the ingredients were fine for me. 

But... the cookie part contains modified starch which means propylene glycol is likely lurking. SAD FACE.

I moved on, though... to my final destination. The deli counter:

We always get a pound-ish of freshly sliced turkey. In the processed meat world, chemicals run rampant.

Applegate, however, is one of the few brands that focuses on meat that's a bit more natural. The wrong kind of processed meat can give me a raging headache and who has time for that? Not I. PS: Applegate also makes some incredibly tasty bacon. Bentley will testify:

Since developing my allergies, going to the grocery store is in NO way the same... It's all about reading ingredient labels! Hopefully one day I can cook more during the week :-)

So, is my grocery store trip similar to yours?