My Quest For a Synthetic Coat Without Polyester

As you may already know because you read my blog post about bringing synthetics back, I am no longer sticking to 100% cotton. 

I was REALLY excited about what this meant for winter: no more ultra heavy, gets super wet, bulky natural fiber coat!

Don't get me wrong - back during my first journey for a natural coat, I was really grateful to find anything at all that was thick/warm enough for a Chicagoland winter. While it was semi-stylish, it definitely wasn't ideal.

A number of weeks ago, I began my search for a synthetic coat that is free of polyester. My polyester allergy hasn't let up at all, so that's the one synthetic fabric I'm staying away from. The problem is: it's eeeverywhere in the clothing world.

I started online... I searched R.E.I., Dick's and Ehrewon. Pleased to find a bunch with no polyester listed in the product details, I planned on going to a few stores to actually try some stuff on. Plus, I was still wary from previous experience that the fabric listed online wouldn't be accurate.

Sure enough... I was right. I spent a full day going from store and store and ended up with NOTHING. This is from my Instagram the next day:

How I felt yesterday after searching for a winter coat... I looked at every. single. coat... in 3 stores, hoping to find one without polyester and the ONLY coat I found was $425. #notcool#thumbsdown #thesearchcontinues#polyester #allergy #eczema #skin#winter #fashion #function

So, what do you do when you strike out? Perhaps it's worth revisiting the original plan of looking online. 

I've really liked the winter coats by The North Face for a while now, so I went right to their site. I found a cute one called the Karokora Hooded Bomber and there was zero polyester listed! Just nylon and down.

Before I  got too excited, I wanted to do a little cross referencing. I searched for the hooded bomber on other websites, looked at the fabric content on each and again - no polyester! Next, I called The North Face store in Chicago and asked if they have the coat in stock in medium. The nice lady on the phone told me that they hadn't gotten that one in yet.

Sad face.

The temperatures outside were starting to decrease a little and I knew it would only be so long before it was way too cold for a thin jacket. I took a chance and ordered the Karokora Bomber, hoping that it indeed had no polyester.

Shortly after, it arrived in the mail. I anxiously and nervously opened it up...

The POCKET LINING has polyester. SIGH.

I knew it was too good to be true.

This is an easy fix, though. All I need to do is take it to the tailor to have the pocket lining switched out to cotton. The thing is... at this point I'm going to wait until next year because it's cold enough out that I really don't want to be without this nice warm coat for a few weeks. I can deal with only putting my hands in my pockets if I have mittens on.

PLUS, it's super cute! I really didn't want to send it away.

Here are some more angles so you can really see what it looks like:

I love how the lines are angled on the front of the coat - makes me look less like the Michelin man ;-) The Karokora Hooded Bomber also has a little bit of edge, which I love, love love. We've also got some black on black going on with the zipper and the logo. 

While it's not a super puffy coat, it still keeps me REALLY warm. Since I walk a couple miles every day to go to work, staying warm in below zero weather can become a daily thing. That's exactly why I chose one with a warm (down filled) hood. No way am I walking through the windy city with 0 degree wind whipping past my ears! No ma'am.

Not only that, but you can literally fold the whole coat up and stick it into a tiny pouch that is hidden in the hood:

Pretty cool, right?

SO glad I found the Karokora Hooded Bomber. It was a bit of a roller coaster, but it ended up alright. AND I love my new coat!

That's a success in my book :-)

What's been the hardest thing for you when it comes to avoiding polyester or synthetic fabric?