Your Second Dose of Eczema Stories

Did you know that October is Eczema Awareness Month in the U.S.?

Last week, I posted the first six eczema stories ever shared on The Allergista. These stories were sent in by Allergista readers and are one of my favorite parts of this blog. The struggles of eczema vary, but we can all learn from each other and lean on one another. 

I encourage everybody to share their story because feeling a sense of community when it comes to any sort of struggle is important. Finding people who "get it" is one of the best feelings ever!

Below are the next six stories and below that is a nice little link where you can send in your own eczema story (anonymously unless you tell me otherwise):

Chapter 7 - How Skin Color Affected This Teen's Eczema

Chapter 8 - Did Pregnancy Cause This Family's Eczema?

Chapter 9 - Healing Oats

Chapter 10 - Growing Up With Eczema

Chapter 11 - From Eczema to Impetigo

Chapter 12 - Gettin' Buffy With It

In honor of Eczema Awareness Month, consider sharing YOUR story!