CROWD SOURCED: A List of Ingredients in which PG is Hidden

Alright guys...


For the last couple of weeks or so, I've been working on a list:

Ingredients In Which Propylene Glycol is Hidden

Allow me to explain because it can get a bit confusing: When reading an ingredient list on a package (whether it's a beauty product or a food product) not every ingredient is necessarily on that list. For example, "modified food starch" (I'm guessing this is in probably 60% of packaged food products) can be modified with a long list of ingredients from chlorine to propylene glycol. And yes, it can be a high enough percentage to affect you. I was actually getting nauseous every day after taking my vitamin d supplement because of hidden propylene glycol in said modified food starch. As soon as I switched the vitamin, I no longer felt nauseous after lunch time.

I never would have known about hidden propylene glycol in modified food starch if an Allergista reader hadn't told me!

So, this obviously creates a HUGE problem for people with allergies. Yes, we can read ingredient labels, but are left completely in the dark when it comes to what the listed ingredients consist of.



Doesn't providing only SOME of the ingredient seem... WRONG? I mean, it's only partially helpful, so what really are we accomplishing here? 


It's really frustrating and it's times like this when I am reminded that we aren't reeeally being taken care of by these companies selling products or even by our government because the government allows it. Why is this ok? I feel like something needs to change...

In the meantime... propylene glycol is in EVERYTHING from soap to e-cigs to anti-freeze to baked goods and packaged food. It's even sprayed on produce and fed to cows... For those of us with an allergy to propylene glycol, the world is somewhat of an almost impossible obstacle course.

I'm working on compiling a crowd-sourced list for those of us allergic to propylene glycol. This is not a list for the alternate names for propylene glycol, but a list of ingredients that PG can be hidden within. The list of alternate names will come later! ;-)

This is what I have so far:

So, I'm basically looking for anything you can find on an ingredient list that may also contain propylene glycol. 

To help with the list... 

type your ingredients in the form below and hit submit!

You must cite your source so there is some sort of proof.

THANK YOU! Please pass this along to anybody else with PG allergy!