Fashion Friday: Canvas Messenger Bags

For the past year-ish, I've been working in downtown Chicago doing graphic design at a media company (looove my profession). Since I live in the suburbs, this means LOTS of commuting. I like to take the train because the drive downtown during rush hour is murderous. Being on the train means I can do other stuff (like blog!). I actually just bought a new Chromebook and hot spot to maximize my 10 weekly hours on the train.

The last thing I want to do is drop my brand new computer and break it, so I began the search for a messenger bag. Lately, I've been testing out synthetic fabrics, but still avoiding polyester. To be honest, sticking to 100% cotton clothing... REALLY SUCKS. Yup, I said it. I'll get into that more in another blog post, though.

When I began my search for cotton messenger bags, I immediately thought: canvas! It's a bit sturdier than your typical cotton weave.  I've been trying out some synthetic clothing lately, but I wanted to be a little safer with my new messenger bag. It's a bigger pain in the butt to keep replacing a messenger bag because you're having an allergic reaction than it would be to replace something like a t-shirt.

As far as avoiding nickel because of my allergy... there are buckles and zippers on most messenger bags. In this situation, I'd definitely be OK painting the fixtures/zipper pull with clear nail polish which forms a barrier between the nickel and my skin. I'll probably end up having to re-do the coat of nail polish after a while, but I think it's totally worth it.

I also enjoy buying stuff like this on Etsy because you have easy access to the store owners if you have any questions about the product or modifications you need made.

So, off to Etsy I went! These are my top picks:

I can't decide on my favorite!1 I'm planning on adding said canvas messenger bag to my Christmas wish list, so I still have time to think about which one I want...

Which is your fav??


Posted on October 16, 2015 and filed under Allergies.