The Allergista Made an Appearance in Allergic Living!

Woohoo! Check it out!

the allergista

If you haven’t heard of Allergic Living, head on over to their website now! It’s a great magazine focused on, you guessed it, allergies! I actually made my debut appearance in their print magazine (the U.S. version) last year.

This time around, they were looking for people with severe nickel allergies so I couldn't resist reaching out to them. The woman who interviewed me asked about the sort of struggles I deal with... from nickel in razors (and a zillion other items) to my hunny making me a guitar just so I can learn to play. Needless to say, I had plenty to talk about with her. This mini article was actually featured in one of their cover stories called "A Rash on the Digital Age" which is about modern technology containing nickel and the allergic reactions people have had because of it. These days, you can find nickel in cell phones, tablets AND laptops. 

A big thanks to the awesome people at Allergic Living for featuring me!

Pick up a copy here!