ASK THE ALLERGISTA: Are You Allergic to Soy?


Hi, I recently stumbled on your blog, and I was wondering if you have a soy allergy? We (me and my children) all have Celiac and a soy allergy. Which I have discovered that polyester (and other synthetics), plastics, and a bunch of other things are all made from soy. Also, I have read that latex allergies are linked to something called Latex-Fruit Syndrome which often leads to allergies to other fruits as well as soy. We have LOTS of food issues, but it all seems to come back to gluten and soy (which is in EVERYTHING). Just wanted to say thank you....It makes me feel a little better to know someone else who can't touch polyester, plastic, etc :-)



Out of all the allergies I have, I actually do not have a soy allergy. I agree - soy seems to be in SO many different types of things! I've heard that's one of the reasons you're not supposed to give babies soy formula/milk - because they can develop an allergy. It's not a convenient allergy to have, that's for sure!

And you're welcome - That's one of the reasons I do this! :-)


The Allergista