ALLERGY/ECZEMA STORIES: My whole world changed yesterday!

First off I’m very relieved to find you and your blog and feel like it’s a life saver at this moment. I have a long road ahead of me. For the past year I have been on a roller coaster of Dr’s and test to find I also have chronic eczema, as well as an allergy to propylene glycol. Here is the catch. I am a established cosmetologist and have been for 10 years. My entire world was turned upside down as you know propylene glycol is in EVERYTHING that I do on a daily basis. You also seem to have “all of a sudden” developed your allergens. I feel helpless and I have no idea how to approach this and get well. My entire body is broke out in eczema patches just like you photographed. My hands being the worst of course since I’m drenching them in PG. My Dr was treating me for psoriasis. The medicine, being a ointment or cream was based of course with PG. Adding fuel to a fire as he says. So as you can tell Im at my worst outbreak at this point. I wasnt physically or mentally prepared for what came to me yesterday.

And I'm so glad you found me and all of the other readers! Sigh. I remember being at my worst point (sounds like yours) and it's life changing. Your day to day life is altered in SO many ways when you're allergic to propylene glycol. It's in everything from makeup to food to e-cigarettes and more. it's EVERYWHERE. What worked for me was avoiding my allergens, educating myself about them and continue down the road of getting allergy tests. I did the patch tests and the prick tests and then I also did some blood tests and looked for lactose intolerance and celiac disease. (I was negative on the latter.) Along with all of this is just giving it time. My day to day life changed completely. My experiences have changed. I got rid of my whole wardrobe (bc of the synthetics), my hair products, my glasses, jewelry, furniture - everything. But here's the thing - you start to get used to it. Every now and then I get a little bitter, but I push past it. And you will too. You'll get your new routines down over time and things will fall into place. Do your research and be your own advocate! You must speak up even though it can be hard to bring attention to yourself. For example, at work I have to have my cubicle modified so I don't have allergic reactions. It draws attention to me and maybe not the type of attention I'd like at work (as explaining skin issues can get intimate real fast), but I try to look at the upside: it gives me an opportunity to have a "real" conversation with my co-workers and get to know them a little better too. We just have to look for the silver linings ;-)


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