ASK THE ALLERGISTA: Know of any condoms without propylene glycol?


Are there any condoms that are made without propylene glycol. It seems the ingredients are not listed but my research shows that many have lubricants that include the propylene glycol.

Thank you for any help you can get for me as I have been hitting a wall in my search.



This is actually a very good question! The thing that I don't understand about condoms is... where are the ingredient labels? Condoms touch VERY important and sensitive parts of our bodies. I believe that warrants an ingredient label, but apparently the powers that be disagree.

Personally, we use Trojan's condoms - NOT the Fire & Ice kind or any specialty line from their company... just the regular condoms. Do not buy the Fire & Ice kind - read why here. The chemicals in them are INSANE.  I did a little poking around (no pun intended) and found a brand that while they don't give you an ingredient list, they do tell you what material the condom is made of (Polyisoprene) and also what the lubricant is made of (Polydimethylsiloxane).

The brand is "Lifestyles" and this line is called "Skyn". I looked for any other information regarding their ingredients and found:

SKYN® condoms do NOT contain glycerin, casein or other animal-based ingredients.

No preservatives and parabens are used in SKYN® condoms.

You can buy them here!

I hope this helps. Good luck and have fun!


The Allergista